Friday, April 13, 2007

ing is ed so gin is dead

writer’s pet gets rabid so that
actor’s plicate considerable ass
the watch cycle will last
about 15 minutes before snips
motivate our allies. so to council
is to pair two seemingly disparate
things. she said let’s end analogy.
so wing is wed to suffix.
In trying to undermine my under
standing of certain stimuli I am happy
to report that the stand I take is mine,
or should remain so, and that you take
is mine too. the title of this book is
‘ean and ogly, one could say, no one
knew just what to do. little fo’ shit koob si
end analogy, or something, it looked like

but tasted totally different. Thing
was like night though not
in its arrangement, stuff resembling
little tufts of green which sounded like
gogogogogog . . . no one knew
just what to do! the moon
had the flesh of stuffed
balloons! what will we do when
writ pet gets rab so that
act’s plic sid ass
the watch cyc will last
bout minutes fore snips
motive our lies. so to council
is to pair two seem par
things. she say let’s end alog.
so wing is wed to fix.
the tit of the book is
end alog, or something, it look like
ogogogogogo . . . so she saw
just what to maul! renewing
is renewed and so we see bees
too close to seeds for comfort.
the new is the new sotospeak and
I for one am run to the broom.
On the pap s’all look alot bet, you know.
On the pap swear my finks hat s’all genie.


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