Monday, September 29, 2008

Poem for the Recession

Ow, falls

The house rejects ducks
on a balance beam ALWAYS

They weren’t bribed.

The fault lies with words or commission.

I was going to retire before
a suspension came in the form of a yes
in a no that denies the Great
that comes before
hiding under a blanket with a trapped cat.

The place where that hiding is usually soft
is now not with the dollars who would
take the blanket if they existed, if I had withheld:

the confidence in that readiness to sleep meets
the being afraid that is being voted

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Summer Poem Vacation Ends


exactly big
if you take the measure
you should take it

what’s the point of having a place if you don’t

they kept the wood
for the floor they forgot
how to share the wealth

it wasn’t important to be sure to have done nothing but it was worth it to remember the margin, a very good place for a high school teacher to sponsor a cool after-school program for underrepresented local musicians

That’s the fun of the aus
is the keeping going of the damned

Sunday, April 27, 2008

suppose thumbs weren't yesterday:

sure, I'm with you, but without
child cold water under bed dreams color green lent
back bone hollows greeting known books

by written fact the dog is born, corduroy overalls sixth-grade speech-act
on video she teaches sandwich-making hammers shelves bookstore
getting-together because of thought pauses cats look for sleep

any animal eats dinner when soup potatoes eyes, science-fair project gone awry
section hair off into equal plaits for cutting, teenage girls don't need it
maybe shrugging wants to leave, Indiana summer Gap sale

carry weight pot money spends weekends sleeping happily
advice chips risking sleeping in public, eating in public, commas
in public walk by the shininess, give up on the stopping

sure words stutter in school because reason understands something else
stocked turtles without teeth with three legs on the road w/o a license
worthless production with output for sharing successes with the seeing

in the light pain holding bags feel of homes
waiting for presents unwanted sweaters shrinking in weather
mirror growl at location yard measure of weather

to do one in may take months of reading newspapers
horrible time getting lost in pockets

The specialness of pinching

at the headache that is giving comes.
A stage at burning with my memories this reading remains
a manner of evidence of--you have to give up the honey--a single
naptime which was sleeping goes
to fetch a cheap banana.
Her openness to fitting in the outfit that is shrinking gives
out, she grows and people know it, some say something
everyone sometimes doesn't get a raise out of her,
His stickiness to sticking around the house where leaving suffocates
is still alright.
One dizziness for drinking up the whisky which was leaking throws
up and makes headlines out of ledes
which need too many verbs and don't tell anybody much at all,
they hide the exclamation marks but I see them.
Your cake for dinner on the table that was leaning became
stale because of the fork's inertia or yours
which kept the wall pale and vibrating from the homehavingness
that gets sheets like expensive bandaids
that only fall off in the bathwater.
Ten fingers from typing on the keyboard that is crumb-filled cramp.
Their floor of vinyl under couches where the dust stays buckles
but doesn't give out, even if no one remembers the mopping.
The trees of the month in the sidewalk marked by paper grow
My headache of the species on the cement that also grows grows too
Your listening to the water from the roof that is falling stops
The sentence on the brainpad for the thinking that is needed stops
The seemingness of stopping at the stopsign which was wrong stops
The pleasure of closing up the open that is breezy comes.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friday, December 28, 2007

the helpers on the other side

I have so many legs bc legs many so
have I got a thing to do, let's ask mom
It's almost Xmas that's heretical It's enough
to have some puns plus I heard
the paper's not recyclable. snowman’s got
an empty mitten so all around this place
there's a grey insist, there's a grey tooth
in the toes, there's a grey
under the pillow there's a white stomach

take your hair off. where should I put it? on the tree.
nothing is open it’s all too old this story should be about Mary

Thursday, November 29, 2007

belie their fur

if it’s on

the cement, the stoned

is not for today

Monday, July 16, 2007

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Source of brevity

Romance between the dead trees, one dry eaten land, dinner for dirt-eaters is a gift from a ribbon. The earlier country was shiny, a decoration for metal.
Old clothes w/ wrinkles came off; they were hand in hand w/ women in the dark. The forest had a roof, and in its purse the water dripped through from the upstairs apartment.
These kids of discussions, they’re here. They come in every color: the “raw-meat pink” is in. The words come in piles, which must be regularly sorted.

Sentimental brain-goop was a bowl of spaghetti when something rolled off the table and onto the floor. The dog nosed the meatball around the kitchen, covering it in a grease film which, when met by the cat’s run, sent it flying into the refrigerator door. The mailman arrived via helicopter on the roof, the dog barking wildly, the sound muffled by the meat.
Essence gave me a headache at christmas time; the pajamas were no winter coat. But what passed did so on a mitten string so as not to be uncoupled from now. The local newspaper showed the hand-made sign hanging w/ the price of lemonade, and the carrots on my jumper. But trees are removed by local governing bodies.

Instructions, You are a test


My name is today
the test

This is a test: treat it real
means no during Or hallways

there are other tests
If you are this test
you will be
asked to leave

Do not help the test
Work after attention, you must
remove you may use,
you are not permitted

You may not use each other
or make noises

Your hand: check it
If you forgot it don't worry
It will not disturb the others

According to my beeper
there is no clock in the test

If you still do not have your hand
now do not mark one circle

If you want to leave
your seat raise your hand
The test is ten
You may only work
on one at the end
of the test remain
in your seats.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friday, April 13, 2007

ing is ed so gin is dead

writer’s pet gets rabid so that
actor’s plicate considerable ass
the watch cycle will last
about 15 minutes before snips
motivate our allies. so to council
is to pair two seemingly disparate
things. she said let’s end analogy.
so wing is wed to suffix.
In trying to undermine my under
standing of certain stimuli I am happy
to report that the stand I take is mine,
or should remain so, and that you take
is mine too. the title of this book is
‘ean and ogly, one could say, no one
knew just what to do. little fo’ shit koob si
end analogy, or something, it looked like

but tasted totally different. Thing
was like night though not
in its arrangement, stuff resembling
little tufts of green which sounded like
gogogogogog . . . no one knew
just what to do! the moon
had the flesh of stuffed
balloons! what will we do when
writ pet gets rab so that
act’s plic sid ass
the watch cyc will last
bout minutes fore snips
motive our lies. so to council
is to pair two seem par
things. she say let’s end alog.
so wing is wed to fix.
the tit of the book is
end alog, or something, it look like
ogogogogogo . . . so she saw
just what to maul! renewing
is renewed and so we see bees
too close to seeds for comfort.
the new is the new sotospeak and
I for one am run to the broom.
On the pap s’all look alot bet, you know.
On the pap swear my finks hat s’all genie.

And whelming o'er

Beneath the yew
our bread box dreams of rye bread.
I said to it:
What are you doing
out there?

Friday, April 10, 1992

Back to what you were saying in the red

And: a red

tooth behind

a red tooth wanted

washing, we want

a bigger world or

Monday, January 01, 1990