Sunday, April 27, 2008

suppose thumbs weren't yesterday:

sure, I'm with you, but without
child cold water under bed dreams color green lent
back bone hollows greeting known books

by written fact the dog is born, corduroy overalls sixth-grade speech-act
on video she teaches sandwich-making hammers shelves bookstore
getting-together because of thought pauses cats look for sleep

any animal eats dinner when soup potatoes eyes, science-fair project gone awry
section hair off into equal plaits for cutting, teenage girls don't need it
maybe shrugging wants to leave, Indiana summer Gap sale

carry weight pot money spends weekends sleeping happily
advice chips risking sleeping in public, eating in public, commas
in public walk by the shininess, give up on the stopping

sure words stutter in school because reason understands something else
stocked turtles without teeth with three legs on the road w/o a license
worthless production with output for sharing successes with the seeing

in the light pain holding bags feel of homes
waiting for presents unwanted sweaters shrinking in weather
mirror growl at location yard measure of weather

to do one in may take months of reading newspapers
horrible time getting lost in pockets


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