Monday, September 29, 2008

Poem for the Recession

Ow, falls

The house rejects ducks
on a balance beam ALWAYS

They weren’t bribed.

The fault lies with words or commission.

I was going to retire before
a suspension came in the form of a yes
in a no that denies the Great
that comes before
hiding under a blanket with a trapped cat.

The place where that hiding is usually soft
is now not with the dollars who would
take the blanket if they existed, if I had withheld:

the confidence in that readiness to sleep meets
the being afraid that is being voted

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Summer Poem Vacation Ends


exactly big
if you take the measure
you should take it

what’s the point of having a place if you don’t

they kept the wood
for the floor they forgot
how to share the wealth

it wasn’t important to be sure to have done nothing but it was worth it to remember the margin, a very good place for a high school teacher to sponsor a cool after-school program for underrepresented local musicians

That’s the fun of the aus
is the keeping going of the damned